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Short history of Rudolstadt

The city Rudolstadt is one of those royal seats of Thuringia where the historically grown structures have been preserved until today. Heidecksburg Castle, a magnificient Thuringian Baroque palace, the Old City closely nestles against castle hill. Castel Heidecksburg in Rudolstadt

Thanks to the spatial interaction between Heidecksburg Castle and medieval city core, an impressive urban ensemble has developed. It is possible to show the different stages of the evolution of the city, even though nothing has remained of the original structures. This is especially true of the residential areas which were built in the early to high Middle Ages. Most houses in the Old City date from the l5th to l6th centuries.

The area of Rudolstadt was free of glaciers during all Ice Ages, and as early as 6000 years ago, hunters and pickers of different cultural groups passed through or stayed in the caves around Rudolstadt. About 3000 years ago, hunters of small animals and fishermen, farmers and cattle breeders settled down, building small settlements with wooden houses. Historic marketplace with townhallIn the later Iron Age, Celts settled down in the area, and in the year 150 AD, a first group of Teutons settled in the area Northwest of Rudolstadt. The name "Rudolfestat" is first mentioned in a Latin list of goods from the beginning of the 9th century, made by the Benedictine monastery of Hersfeld, which had been promoted to imperial abbey on January 5th, 775. The castle of "Rudolfestat" must have been founded by Frank nobility. A settlement developed under the protection of the fortified castle which might have been in existence as early as the 7th century. On the road to Weimar, a cross near the Stadtkirche (Town Church) marks the centre of this settlement, the oldest, whose existence has been proved by tombs.

1326 First mentioned as a city
1337 Part of the principality of Schwarzburg
1571-1918 Residence of the principality Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
1635 First mentioned a residencal orchestre
1722 First famous public festival "Vogelschiessen" in Rudolstadt (over 1,000,000 visitors today)
1788 First meeting of Goethe and Schiller in Rudolstadt
1792 The theatre was founded
1813 A. Schopenhauer in Rudolstadt
1829 Paganini in the theatre
1834 Richard Wagner in Rudolstadt
1874 Connecting with the German railway system

Pictures: Castle Heidecksburg, historic marketplace with the townhall

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